Who are we?

Worried youthThe Shopfront Youth Legal Centre is a free legal service for homeless and disadvantaged young people aged 25 and under. The Shopfront is a joint project of Mission Australia, the Salvation Army and the law firm Freehills. We are based in inner-city Sydney (356 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst) but can help people who live outside this area.

What do we do?

New to Shopfront

Changes to child protection laws – anyone who works with young people should be aware of some recent and forthcoming changes to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act. These changes are effective from 24 January 2010 and will affect some aspects of your job, including mandatory reporting and confidentiality obligations. For more information click here (pdf). See also the Keep Them Safe website at http://www.keepthemsafe.nsw.gov.au/home

Youth Conduct Orders – This is a new type of order that can be made by the Children’s Court. Youth Conduct Orders are operating on a trial basis in some parts of NSW.

 Information for young people (pdf)
 Information for lawyers (pdf)

New social worker: The Shopfront welcomes social worker Jamie Alford. Jamie is employed on a two-year pilot basis by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) Mental Health Legal Services Project, to work with The Shopfront clients who have mental health problems. Jamie has extensive experience working with young people, and is a great addition to our team.

New option for dealing with unpaid fines: Work and Development Orders, introduced by the State Debt Recovery Office in July 2009, provide a new way for disadvantaged people to deal with their unpaid fines. Follow this link to the SDRO website for more information.

New Centrepay option for court fines: court fines can now be paid by Centrepay. Click this link for the application form. http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au/lib/docs/forms/sdr_045.pdf

Fines Kit: Fines Kit: The Shopfront’s Fines Kit has been updated. To access the updated (November 2009) version, please click here. To order a hard copy,  please email us at shopfront@freehills.com

Changes to traffic laws: Young people still heavy fines, demerit points, licence suspension and disqualification if they break traffic laws. Click here to see the latest versions of our Traffic Fact Sheets (May 2010).